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Davis Students to Participate in State Scholastic Meet

STATE SCHOLASTIC MEET. A number of Davis High School students will participate in the State Scholastic Meet on May 2 and 3 after placing in the top five at three scholastic meets recently held. Pictured are students attending the Southeastern Scholastic Meet.

Davis High School students participated in three scholastic meets.
In both meets, DHS earned first place in Division 2 at Southeastern Scholastic Meet and Murray State College Scholastic Meet the students earned first place in Division 3.
Students also participated at the East Central Scholastic Meet. Many students qualified for the State Scholastic Meet on May 2 at Murray State College and/or May 3 at Rose State College.
Southeastern Scholastic Meet
Fifth Place: Lexy Poyner, Economics; Luke Johnson, General Safety; Kamryn Martin, Trigonometry; Reese Goodin, Algebra 2; and Amy Phillips, Earth and Space Science.
Fourth Place: Xavier Cox, Physics and U.S. History; Reese Goodin, Music Fundamentals; Ainsley Waters, Biology and English 1; Sean Briney, Government and Politics; and Bentley Burch, Computer Concepts.
Third Place: Adley Bentley, Economics; Alexis Watson, Spanish 2; Ava Parsons, Calculus; Coby Gibson, Government and Politics; MaKenzie Steury, Plane Geometry; and Xavier Cox, Psychology.
Second Place: Adley Bentley, Calculus; Carter Cowan, Physics; Jasa King, Accounting 1 and Music Fundamentals; Jennifer White, Plane Geomety; and Lexy Poyner, Personal Finance.
First Place: Amy Phillips, Art Figure Drawing 1; Dakota Carter, Conservation; Jacen Stewart, Integrated Productivity Software; Jennifer White, English 1; and Sean Briney, Oklahoma History.
Murray State Scholastic Meet
Fifth Place: MaKenzie Steury, Oklahoma History.
Fourth Place: Coby Gibson, Current Events; Jo-Lynn Wolfe, Spreadsheet Applications; Adley Bentley, Accounting; and Dakota Carter, Anatomy and Physiology.
Third Place Jasa King, Music; Sean Briney, Algebra 1; and Coby Gibson, Expository Writing.
Second Place: Reese Goodin, Library Skills; Dakota Carter, Oklahoma Wildlife Identification; Adley Bentley, Calculus; Jasa King, Trigonometry and Child Development; Ashlyn Stokes, Vocal; and Aaron Rankin, Physics.
First Place: Asher Waters, American History and Lexy Poyner, Business Math.
East Central Scholastic Meet
Fifth Place: Lexy Poyner, Psychology; and Terris O’Roark, American Literature and French 1.
Fourth Place: Reese Goodin, Music Competition.
Third Place: Lexy Poyner, English Literature, Jennifer White, Geometry; and Alexis Watson, Spanish Second Year.
Second Place: Lexy Poyner, Calculus and Jacen Stewart, Physical Science.
First Place: Malory Hinton, Music Competition.

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