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Second Verse, Same as the First March 27 Special Council Meeting sees Councilman Reinstated

By Alisha Thompson

Bumgarner and budget were the buzz words of the night for the March 27 special city council meeting. All councilmen were present for the special Wednesday night meeting.
Did Jeremy Bumgarner get his seat back on the City Council? Yes.
What happened for him to lose his seat? Bumgarner missed four of the six scheduled meetings for the Davis City Council and by state statute, was no longer a councilman. In a Facebook post after the March 11 meeting, Bumgarner explained his absences were due to attending his son’s sporting event.
This was problematic because the March 11 City Council meeting was two hours that did not count. There was no quorum since the only councilmen present at that meeting included Clint Grinstead and Stan Jones. Bumgarner was not a councilman by state statute, although he was present, there was no quorum. All agenda items from the March 11 meeting had to come to a special meeting, as well as, Bumgarner’s seat on the council.
Mayor Brian Davis decided to open the position to the public prior to the March 27 meeting.
The budget for the City of Davis was discussed with a question and answer period available to councilmen. The final draft of the budget is not ready but will be balanced according to City Treasuer/Clerk Susie Suther. Meaning, most capital improvements for the city will be delayed until funding is available.
Davis City Council
Interim City Attorney Krystina Phillips joined the special meeting. The new city attorney should be named soon. Phillips was one of two who applied and the application period ended March 29. Phillips was well received and acknowledged for guiding the council through the meeting.
Minutes from the Feb. 12 and 28 meetings were accepted by councilmen. Councilman Josh Oakley was asked to abstain from voting on the minutes from the Feb. 12 meeting since he wasn’t in attendance. Claims from the March 11 meeting were accepted. Mayor Davis asked if anyone was interested in the Ward 1 seat previously held by Bumgarner. Bumgarner raised his hand from the crowd seated next to his wife and son. No one else showed interest in the position despite this meeting seeing more attendance than usual. Councilmen voted to reinstate Bumgarner. Phillips said that he would take his Oath of Office at the April 8 council meeting and could join the other councilman at the table then.
Resolution #671 was reintroduced authorizing application for financial assistance from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to purchase four self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and six spare cylinders. All councilmen voted yes.
Resolution #672 was reintroduced authorizing application for financial assistance from the U.S. Forestry Service for the purchase of two-slip on tanker units for the fire department. Fire Chief Danny Cox said the department is applying for two with hopes of receiving one. The second unit would go to Turner Falls Park. All councilmen voted yes.
Councilmen approved a service agreement with INCA Community Services for the use of the building locate at 701 E. Benton.
Testing materials were approved for the Sixth Street Roadway Improvements. Change orders in the amount of $14,5000 and $248 for the Sixth Street Project were additionally improved.
Davis Municipal Authority
Trustees appointed Bumgarner to fill the Ward 1 seat.
Meeting minutes and claims were approved from prior meetings.
Justin Ramsey introduced the Crossbar Offroad Park’s desired capital improvements to trustees. With budget workshops and conversations taking place daily at City Hall, the final decision on capital improvements at Crossbar Offroad Park are still undetermined. The next regularly scheduled council meeting for the City of Davis is Monday, April 8 at 6 p.m. at the council chambers located at 308 South Third Street. The public is encouraged and invited to attend. All council meetings are live streamed on the City of Davis – Oklahoma Facebook page in their entirety.

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