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Davis Elementary Fourth grade students present “A Musical King Arthur”

The Davis Fourth Grade will present their production of “A Musical King Arthur” on Friday, March 25 in the Dorothy Jameson Performing Arts Center at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
The morning show is for the Elementary. Anyone is welcome to come but the Pre-K through fourth grades will have priority seating in the front. The afternoon performance is for parents and the public.
Imagine a world where all weapons were replaced by musical instruments.Welcome to the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table like you’ve never seen it or heard it before. On guard!This 35-minute medieval marvel, complete with sword fighting knights, delightful damsels and a court jester will capture the interest of all audiences.
The speaking cast includes Drew Foster as the Arthur, Konrad Richards as Merlin and Lilly Apgar as the Court Jester. Sir Hector, the Knight to Arthur’s Squire, is played by Kallel Nolan. The other “cleverly named” Knights of the Round Table are Sir Face, portrayed by Jeremiah Avila; Sir Ender, played by Blaze Burch; and Sir Lee is Jameson Wright. Sir Prize is portrayed by Trypp Pulis; Sir Up, is played by Casen Sims; and Sir Vival is Jack Parsons. Jacob Johnston plays Sir Tinly; Brody Noland portrays Sir Real; Tyler Shrader is Sir Round; and Sir Laugh-A-Lot is played by James Pletcher. Our featured Damsels (who are not in distress) include Emma Thompson as Lady Luck; Dannie Linville as Lady Bird; and Tabitha Phipps as Lady Bug. Lady Twiddle is portrayed by Niomi Garcia; Lady Clever is Isabella Goodin; and Lady Dee Dee is Kenleigh Cowan.
Summer Bennett portrays Lady Lahdee; and Lady Dah is Alexis Romo. Lady Sing-A-Lot is played by Keely Pruett; Lady Dance-A-Lot is portrayed by Greer Womack; and Ruthie Belzung is Lady Hum-A-Long. The French King is played by Jaxon Giltner; Lady Fifi is portrayed by Katelyn Summers; and the French Soldier is played by Atticus Russell. The English Minstrels are Tyler Gregg, Bryson Griffin and Tripp Lewis. The French Minstrels are Brylee Deaton, AJ Ellul and Brayden Clark.
Rounding out the cast are Leighton Eddy and Bentley Franks, who play Messengers #1 and #2 respectively. The audience will also enjoy the Sword Fighting duos of Cash Jones and Kayden Atwell, Matthew Hill and Alex Stultz, and Jeffery Buckaloo and Wyatt England. Josiah Goodrich and Canyon Dixon are featured as the Keepers of the Scroll.
Soloists in the show are Lilly Apgar, Ruthie Belzung, Summer Bennett, Gabriella Cantu, Kenleigh Cowan, Drew Foster, Bentley Franks, Niomi Garcia, Jaxon Giltner, Jayla Green, Dannie Linville, Kallel Nolan, Tabitha Phipps, Keely Pruitt, Trypp Pulis, Alexis Romo, Atticus Russell, Casen Sims, Avery Smith, Emma Thompson, Jacob Watts and Greer Womack.
Fourth Grade teachers are Dana Digby, Coree Foster and Dana White. Music Director Denise White invites the public to attend the free show.

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