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Council Talks Sidewalks and Side by Sides

By Alisha Thompson
The Davis City Council met April 10 with all councilmen present.
Councilmen approved the Sixth Street Project option 1 as approved in the March meeting (Davis to Bird Streets) with a projected base bid at $1,767,000. With an “add alt.” of sidewalks on those streets of a projected cost of $150,000 ($25,000 a block.) This conversation was added to the agenda since the city did not get the sidewalk grant that was applied for the sidewalk project on Sixth Street.
City manager Ricky Harness said that “If we did sidewalks, that would add an additional $150,000 to the base bid. Bringing that bid to $1,740,000,” he explained. “To go back to 12 foot lanes as we discussed in the meeting, cut $45,000 off total cost. If you add $45,000 back in based on the on per block average our new base bid would be $1,767,000. That’s their estimate on the base bid. That takes care of 6 blocks from Davis to Bird.”
City Council
Coucilmen voted to appoint Tim Lyon, Pam Polk and Elizabeth Sloat to the OMAG Ballot of 2023 Election Trustees.
Councilmen approved Resolution #646 amending Section 202 Overtime/Compensatory Time of the City of Davis Employee Handbook. The policy was changed in 2020 and the handbook doesn’t reflect the change. The policy reads that the city will not pay overtime for police or fire protection until after 85.5 hours on a 14 day bi-weekly pay period. In 2020 it was changed to the city will pay overtime after 40 hours just like every other employee.
Councilmen approved Resolution #647 amending Section 200 Fair Labor Standards Act of the City of Davis Employee Handbook. Recommended changes begin at the start of the fiscal year include: the work week starts on Friday to Saturday. This begins June 3.
Ordinance 05-2023 was approved clarifying use of side by sides, ATVs and UTVs in Turner Falls Park. Harness said the city is taking the city is taking the opportunity to correct and address the problems and challenges they have faced over the last couple of years.
Utility vehicles use will be restricted to levels two and three for parking. They can come in through the lower level but have to go to to the upper levels for parking. Utility vehicle users can also access Cross Bar Offroad Park through the upper level.
Harness said this is an issue of the many ruining it for the few. Parking in parking spots not parked for utility vehicles and making it difficult for those that are utilizing paid parking.
Harness said that if utility vehicle users do come in through the front gate they will be advised of rules of the park regarding rules for utility vehicles and asked to proceed to level two and three.
Davis Municipal Authority
The engineering agreement with Parkill for the Turner Falls Park General Store Renovation was approved for $59,750. This process may not fall within this calendar year. If the funding does come in line within the city’s budget, Harness said that it will be moved up in priority.
The argreement with Parkhill to provide Professional Services for the City of Davis Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study was approved.
“This will only happen if the Oklahoma Rural Water Resources Board 100% was given as loan forgiveness. We would only execute this if there was no cost to us. If we can get it this year, then Parkhill will do the work. They are hoping to work all they way through their sanitary sewer lines,” said Susie Suther.
The next city council meeting is Monday, May 8 at the Davis City Council Chambers at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

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